About Us


Hi, Abigail here! 

I created Duke’s Dog Scarves along with the help of a wonderful pup named, Duke! It all started a few years ago when he was just a puppy, and I made him his very first bandana. When I put it on him, he was so excited, and I found it absolutely adorable and touching! I loved seeing him so excited, and I just knew I had to make another bandana for him.  

I made him another bandana, then another, and a few more after that. One thing led to another, and Duke’s Dog Scarves was created! I spent many days, with Duke at my feet, learning more about designing, creating, and sewing. I didn’t know then that Duke’s would grow into a pet accessory business that is now shipping to pups all over the world, but here we are! Welcome to my shop, thanks for visiting, we can’t wait to have you join the Duke’s family!